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Q: Will there be a FAQ page?
A: We're adding one now!

Q: Is writing your day job, or is it your part-time job with another job and if so, what other job do you do and do you enjoy it half as much as writing?
A: My other job is voiceover acting, which is really a kick. I get to portray little old ladies and cartoon ducks and wild warrior women. But I truly like writing the best, because I get to create an entire world by myself.

Q: Please, give the aspiring writers some advice or something to give them a boost of confidence so they can follow in your footsteps and show the world their own work.
A: There's nothing more satisfying than putting your thoughts into a lasting form. Even if you never get published, write that book! I wish that any of my ancestors had written down their impressions or hopes or dreams, so that I could read them and get an understanding of how they viewed life. Writing things down assures your immortality.

Q: Do you feel sad when the book is done, leaving your characters?
A: I try to really finish off their stories so that I don't feel sad leaving them. Usually, by the time I'm into the last chapter, several new characters start hopping around in my head, demanding books, so I'm eager to start the next one.

Q: Where were you born, and where did you grow up?
A: I was born in Chico, California, a third generation Californian on both sides. I grew up there and in Paradise, California, and I currently live in L.A.

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